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Skillful Means and Wisdom

An exploration of the rich historical context of the eighteen-talk seminar given in 1976 on skillful means and wisdom through the three yanas of Tibetan Buddhism. This article includes a playlist of talks, video clip, and study guide.

The Feminine Principle

Two extraordinary seminars, The Feminine Principle (1975) and EVAM (1976) that are an exploration of the tantric concepts of energy and space. A playlist of these teachings is introduced by an article and video clip.

The True Meaning of Devotion

In honor of the 65th anniversary of Chogyam Trungpa’s escape from Tibet, listen to a clip about the journey and a new seminar, “The True Meaning of Devotion” (1973).

The 100,000 Songs of Milarepa

The first seminar Chogyam Trungpa taught on the beloved yogi-poet and Kagyu lineage holder, Milarepa, given in 1970 at Tail of the Tiger (now Karme Choling). Playlist includes an introduction and audio clip.

The Bodhisattva Path

Three seminars on the mahayana path of the bodhisattva: “The Bodhisattva Path”, “Practice of Meditation on the Bodhisattva Path”, and “The Ten Bhumis.” Playlist includes an introduction and audio clip.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Contemporary Perspectives on Death, Dying, and the Bardo

A series of interviews and historical background introducing the 1971 seminar that became the basis for Chögyam Trungpa and Francesca Fremantle’s seminal translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. The accompanying playlist includes the second seminar (1973) which presented teachings on what happens after death in a more accessible way.

Transforming Confusion Into Wisdom

Three seminars on working with our confusion as a path to enlightenment: Passion and Aggression (1971) and Transforming Confusion Into Wisdom I and II (1978). Playlist includes an introduction and audio clip.

Buddha Nature: The Seed of Enlightenment

An introduction to a trio of seminars on the essential subject of buddha nature — the inherent clarity and potential for enlightenment in everyone — given in 1975 and into 1976. (Playlist of the talks included)

The Heart of Meditation

The “Heart of Meditation” seminars: Explore mindfulness meditation and where working with your mind can lead you.