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Got Questions?

Here are the answers to some commonly-asked questions. We will be adding to these regularly as we hear from all of you!

If you have any questions not answered in these FAQs, the Search page’s “Help with Searching,” or the Catalog’s “Finding Your Way Around,” please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

There’s a lot here! Where should I start?

A good place to start is the Browse page where the recordings are grouped by theme, year, and series. You can also check out the Explore page for articles, curated playlists, and guides, which introduce and give context to a selection of recordings.

What is the difference between The Library and The Catalog?

The Catalog is a searchable list of all the talks that will eventually be available in the Library. The Library provides access to all the available audio and video recordings, with captions and searchable transcripts. Our goal is to make all the talks listed in The Catalog accessible in The Library for everyone to experience.

How do I find a specific talk or seminar in the Library?

Scroll down to “Help with Searching” on the Search page for guidance. If you need more help, please contact us.

When will more material be added to The Library?

We will be adding material throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter using the form in the footer to stay informed on new additions.

I’m interested in a talk or seminar that is not currently in the Library. Can I request it?

We will be adding new material on a regular basis. Please contact us and let us know what you’re interested in! You can also subscribe to our newsletter using the form in the footer to stay informed on new additions.

How do I find a specific talk or seminar in the Catalog?

Scroll down to “Finding Your Way Around” on the Catalog page for helpful tips. If you need more help, please contact us.

I'm a teacher. How can I use the material?

You’re welcome to use the material to prepare a class, share links to the website, and play a recording in class with appropriate credit to the Chogyam Trungpa Digital Library. You may not record or share copyrighted material. For more information see Terms of Use. If you need further clarification, please contact us.

Can I share material on social media or a forum?

You’re welcome to share a link to the recording, or a short quote up to 300 words of prose or one line of poetry citing the source for the quote. Anything above that number or any other use requires permission from the copyright holder. To request permission or if you need further clarification, please contact us at See also Terms of Use.

How can I become part of the team?

Please contact us to express your interest, and we’ll let you know when we’re hiring!

How can I support the Chogyam Trungpa Digital Library?

Please consider making a donation, subscribing to our newsletter using the form in the footer, or sharing the Library’s web site with your friends. You can also share your feedback to help us improve. Thank you for your support!

I think I found an error in one of the transcripts or descriptions.

Please share your findings by contacting us. Thank you for your help!

I would like to have access to a printed transcript.

We have found the best way to dive into the material is to listen or watch the recording and follow along the streamed transcript. If you want a printed transcript for any purpose you must request that by contacting us.

Is the Chogyam Trungpa Digital Library part of Naropa University?

The Chogyam Trungpa Digital Library is a project of the Chogyam Trungpa Institute which is based at Naropa University. Learn more by visiting About Us.