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Glimpses of Space: The Feminine Principle and EVAM

The Digital Library is delighted to release two extraordinary seminars: The Feminine Principle (1975) and EVAM (1976). Significantly, Chogyam Trungpa offered these tantric teachings — a discussion of energy and space — to students on any part of their path (not just tantrikas, or those who had received formal vajrayana transmission). Trungpa Rinpoche recommended beginning with The Feminine Principle*, since these teachings are an important foundation for understanding the EVAM principle. In this context ‘”feminine”‘ refers not to gender, but rather that dimension of inner experience that is like space: unborn, neverending, and open like the sky. Notably, The EVAM seminar was recorded in video, and it is a remarkable experience to watch these teachings.

At the end of this month, another great teacher in the Kagyu lineage, Ringu Tulku, will be presenting the Vajrayogini Abhisheka to around 150 students in Halifax. They will be receiving a profound transmission that makes a direct connection to the feminine principle, as represented by Vajrayogini. Our release of these recordings is an offering to all those receiving the abhisheka; to the lineage of teachers who have guarded and transmitted these teachings; to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche himself as guide and inspiration; and to all of you, who are inspired to listen to, learn about, and practice these extraordinary teachings.

Access the seminars, read an article, and watch a clip here: