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New: Buddha Nature Seminars

Just added to the Library: Three seminars on the essential subject of buddha nature — the inherent clarity and potential for enlightenment in everyone — given in 1975 and into 1976. They are “The Discovery of Buddha Nature on the Mahayana Path I” (New York, 1975) and “II” (California, 1975), and “Buddha Nature: The Seed of Enlightenment” (Vermont, 1976). Despite being focused on the same subject, because Chogyam Trungpa never gave the same talk — or program — twice, it seems likely he intended these programs to form a whole. At the same time, each stands squarely on its own as a complete seminar. These talks are also rare examples of extended public teachings Trungpa Rinpoche gave on purely the mahayana path. 

The series is introduced by the article, “Buddha Nature: The Seed of Enlightenment” by Anne Seidlitz, giving context, shedding light on his unique presentation of the subject, and offering a snapshot of the topics covered. Here’s an excerpt:

The three seminars comprise an almost continuous teaching on the foundational but sometimes elusive subject of buddha nature. From one seminar to the next, nothing is repeated in the same way — a hallmark of Trungpa Rinpoche’s teaching style overall — with each adding another dimension to the subject, bringing the principle of buddha nature into brilliant focus.

Read the entire article and access the seminars here: