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The Digital Library in the News

Lion’s Roar Magazine

Here at CTI, we were very pleased to learn that Lion’s Roar magazine, a leading Buddhist publication, has put out a news announcement celebrating the launch of the Digital Library. You can read the article HERE.

Lilly Greenblatt, the author of the article, said: “It was inspiring to read about the long and detailed process that led up to this launch and all the work that was involved in putting this forward. It’s certainly no small feat and a great resource to have — I look forward to exploring its evolution as the catalog expands!

Shambhala Online

We also wanted to mention that Shambhala Online is making use of the resources in the Digital Library for a class they are offering on the Tibetan Buddhist Path, the historic Founders Course given at the first summer of Naropa Institute in 1974, and the basis for the book Cynicism and Magic. Part One of the course is already underway, and Part Two will be offered in the fall. Read more about that HERE.

Coming Soon

We look forward to releasing a new set of recordings in early May, from the early years in New York City, including a remarkable seminar entitled “Buddhism Without Credentials.” Stay tuned for that.