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The Heart of Meditation

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Excerpt from Heart of Meditation I, “Meditation Instruction: Being With Yourself”

Heart of Meditation Seminars

Just added to the library: Two “Heart of Meditation” seminars, given in 1979 in major Canadian cities Toronto and Vancouver. Typical of his teaching tours, Chogyam Trungpa gave a stand-alone public talk upon his arrival, which are also included in this release. Intended for the meditation curious, these series are clear and accessible — an ideal starting place for those interested in mindfulness meditation. In some cases the talks are quite short and pithy, which makes them more digestible.

Both seminars contain rare instances where Chogyam Trungpa gave meditation instruction — step-by-step guidance on working with the posture, breath, body, and thoughts (see excerpt above). He also interweaves descriptions of the intention, philosophy, and psychology of the practice. Beyond the technique, the talks explore what develops from meditation: greater trust in our hearts, the discovery of our inherent goodness, compassion for others, relating to the present moment, and more. Notably, each talk in the “Heart of Meditation II” series became the basis for a pithy chapter in Chogyam Trungpa’s book Mindfulness in Action, a compilation of teachings on meditation.

Heart of Meditation Playlist

Heart of Meditation I (Toronto)

Heart of Meditation II (Vancouver)